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Homily for Easter April 17, 2022

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/19/22

  Let Jesus out! Let Jesus in!

Each year, as we come to the celebration of Easter, I am reminded of my favorite Easter story—a favorite because it is about children, and the particular enthusiasm that children can bring to any story, especially to one that’s been around as ... Read More »

Homily for Good Friday April 15, 2022

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/19/22

   The Price of Defending Truth and Justice

I recently read a commentary on today’s gospel reading, the Passion of Jesus according to St. John. One of the details fascinated me. It says in the gospel that Judas came with a detachment of soldiers, along with police from the ... Read More »

Homily for Holy Thursday April 14, 2022

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/19/22

  Why feet?


I read a cute story recently. A little five-year-old child and his mother were on their way to McDonald’s one evening, and on their way they passed the scene of a car accident. The mother pointed out the scene and the ambulance, and said they ... Read More »

Homily for Palm Sunday April 10, 2022

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/11/22

    “Remember, you must die”

While today’s celebration begins with the triumphant entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, that changes rather quickly. Almost immediately, we are plunged into the reality of Jesus Christ’s suffering and death. Even the official title, Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, includes ... Read More »