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Homily for April 26, 2020

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/24/20

A Hope that is Reborn

Homily for the Third Sunday of Easter – April 26, 2020

To begin my reflection for this Third Sunday of Easter, I want to share with you some beautiful words of encouragement and hope that were spoken during Holy Week in Rome. On Good ... Read More »

Fr. Stan's Homily for the Second Sunday of Easter – April 19, 2020

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/17/20


 Faith in a Love that Never Dies

Our gospel for this Second Sunday of Easter is the famous “doubting Thomas” story. As you may recall, Jesus appeared to the disciples shortly after the resurrection. Thomas, however, was absent, and the others tell him that they had seen the ... Read More »

Fr. Stan's Easter Sunday 2020 Homily

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/10/20

  Easter 2020

As we approach Easter, I have a strange question: Is it OK to Alleluia this year? Usually, we come together to Alleluia. What are we supposed to do now? With the corona virus raging all around, is it somehow counterintuitive to sing of joy? With so ... Read More »

Fr. Stan's homily for Palm Sunday 2020

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/04/20


A look at the Cross: Love, Humility & Patience

One of our greatest theologians, St. Thomas Aquinas, taught that meditating on our Lord’s passion gives powerful example of how we are called to act. I choose three items from Thomas’ list for my ... Read More »

Fr. Stan's March 29, 2020 homily

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/01/20

One of my favorite Easter stories is about a school pageant. The children were asked to choose the parts they’d like to play, and excitement mounted as roles were selected. Beyond the usual characters, Sammy and Johnny offered, together, to be the donkey. When it was Jimmy’s turn to ... Read More »

Fr. Stan's March 22, 2020 homily

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/01/20

A Native American tells the story about a brave who found an eagle’s egg and put it into the nest of a prairie chicken. Once the egg hatched, the eaglet grew up right along with the brood of chicks. All its life the changeling eagle, thinking it was a ... Read More »

Fr. Stan's March 15, 2020 homily

Posted by marguerite noga on 4/01/20

Some years ago, the famous advice columnist Ann Landers was asked by a reporter, “What is the question that you are asked most frequently by your readers?” Miss Landers answered that it was a very simple question: “What’s the matter with me? Why am I so lonely?”

What causes ... Read More »